KOMODO Strength & Size

KOMODO Strength & Size

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Build strength and size with this 4 day a week programme! Compound lifts are a BIG focus!

I have trained with this programme for the past 8 weeks and taken my PB on Deadlift from 175kg to 200! You will need to make sure you are consuming plenty of calories and getting adequate rest. There are 3 days of each week where you are not training - it is important to recover and use at least two of these days for stretching/mobility - DUST OFF THAT FOAM ROLLER!

There may be some equipment you do not have access too and therefore unable to compete the exercise as programmed - in this case message me and we will figure a alternative - THERE IS ALWAYS AN ALTERNATIVE.

Reps as follows:

Week 1 - 10 reps unless specified
Week 2 - 8 reps unless specified
Week 3 - 6 reps unless specified
Week 4 - 4 reps unless specified

You want me nearing max effort so by the time you reach the third set on the first week you are barely getting those 10 reps in.

You then repeat this for another 4 weeks but hopefully with a weight increase. So if you were for example able to Deadlift 130kg for 10 reps Week 1 you would then increase to 135kg or 140kg.

Other exercises where repetitions 12/15 and using weights you want to make either slight increments in weight or a few extra reps each week.

For bodyweight exercises like push ups etc - try and add 2-3 more each week so for example:

Week 1 you get 15
Week 2 you get 17
Week 8 you get 27

Once you have completed all 8 weeks use week 9 to test your 1RM.


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